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@Harry_Styles: Louis’ first ever cooking experience ;) x

@Harry_Styles: Louis loving life at rehearsals! x

@Harry_Styles: Hughey louis!!! x

@Harry_Styles: The door got jammed and louis’ stuck in  the recording booth!! haha x
Anonymous: I don't know how louis can handle harry being so damn cute and gorgeous and such an adorable dork and how can harry handle louis being so funny and caring and protective. Then I look at louis' fond eyes and harry's creepy love stare and it's simple: they don't. They're still not over how amazing the other is and it's been 4 years. The way they look at each other is the most beautiful thing.


I read the first sentence and my first thought was: they don’t handle it. And then you basically confirmed it yourself :D

Not handling it in 2010

Not handling it in 2014

And in 50 years they still won’t be handling it


look at all these people


now look at niall!



Body comparisons. 


Interviewer: So Harry, what's your sister's name?
Harry: Gemma
Interview: What's your mum's name?
Harry: Anne
Interviewer: What's your drummer's name?
Harry: Josh
Interviewer: What's your boyfriend's name?
Harry: Lou-
Harry: You little fucker

17 November 2011


Niall looking through the #Makeupfor1D line



#if louis tomlinson was never tied up by his own suspenders during the uan tour#then what is even the point of life (soulfates)